Carry out great undertaking with persistence ,build a hundred - year enterprise!

Professional production and sales of plastic cutting board, plastic board, PE cutting board, PE chopping block and food processing board.

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Specializing in the production and sales of food grade plastic cutting board (PE board), plastic anvil block (PE block), food processing cutting board, chopping block, cutting bone table, pad, etc., the size can be customized according to customer requirements. Implementation of national QB/T1870-2015 and GB4806.7-2016 cutting board standards, QS certification enterprises, ISO quality certification system, FDA testing, etc.

Industry application solutions

The company produces a variety of plastic cutting board, anvil block
Widely used in: high-end hotels, western restaurants, chain restaurants, supermarkets, aquatic food processing enterprises, farmers market, etc.

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Carry out great undertaking with persistence ,build a hundred - year enterprise!

After more than 30 years of dedicated accumulation and sustained and stable development, Yantai Development Zone Henderson Plastic Co., Ltd. has six cutting board production lines and a professional cutting board research and development team. The company has passed QS certification, ISO9001 quality certification system, ISO14001 environmental certification system, and its products have passed EU REACH, ROHS and US FDA inspections. The products are sold well in China and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

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